Capt. (Retd.) Abdus Sabur Khan

Late Abdul Khaleque Khan, my father, was the man behind OSL Pharma Limited (well-known as Opso Saline Limited previously), a man capable of imaginative, critical thinking and vision. A benevolent person with a simple lifestyle, my father had an enterprising spirit and was an exceptional student of Islamia College, Calcutta. His dream ultimately came true on the 3rd of March, 1956 when he started his long-cherished organization 'Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd.' in a very humble way. I have joined my father's organization in 1976, turned it into a Private Limited Company. Afterwards, his vision lead me to think about crisis of IV Fluids throughout the country and hundreds of patients suffered during the troubled times and from where OSL Pharma Limited had embarked on its journey in 1987 under leadership of Founder Chairperson Late Mrs. Delmon Ara Begum and I became the Executive Vice Chairman of OSL Pharma Limited. My two capable younger brothers, Mr. Abdur Rouf Khan as the Vice Chairman and Mr. Abdur Rakib Khan as the Managing Director assisted us in expanding our horizon by their good leadership qualities and organizational skills. After Founder Chairperson’s demise, I became the Chairman of OSL Pharma Limited and my younger brothers Mr. Abdur Rouf Khan became the Executive Vice Chairman and Mr. Abdur Rakib Khan continuing his dynamic leadership as Managing Director.

OSL Pharma Limited (well-known as Opso Saline Limited previously) had embarked on its journey in 1987 when there was a severe crisis of life-saving IV Fluids throughout the country and abundant patients suffered during the troubled times. At that time some companies imported IV Fluids and sold those items at a very high price. OSL Pharma Limited did not look for the profit but serving the mankind and provides quality medicine at an affordable price. From that earnest desire OSL Pharma Limited introduced State of the Art BFS/FFS technology for the first time in Bangladesh for IV Fluids manufacturing with Rommelag Bottle-pack machine of Switzerland. OSL Pharma Limited uses of cutting-edge manufacturing technology that makes use of simulation tools to systematically design and optimize processes for large-scale commercial productions. OSL Pharma limited is committed to contribute to the national healthcare sector to a great extent and strengthen its global presence. Modern sophisticated machines, highly qualified and skilled professionals in all concerned departments have made OSL Pharma Limited unique in the Pharmaceutical sector. The seed that was planted in the year 1987 now has become a tree. The path we walked through was not a smooth and plain one. From the inception, we have always believed in nation-building activities. Our cherished dream is to serve mankind and the man behind the mankind.

Abdur Rouf Khan
Executive Vice Chairman
Abdur Rakib Khan
Managing Director

Our innovative idea for setting up basic industry and earnest desire to introduce advanced technology for manufacturing large volume sterile intravenous fluids gave OSL Pharma Limited (well-known as Opso Saline Limited previously) a sharp advantage to become the market leader. Our vision is to provide time demanded Medicare facilities. We are extremely pleased to get an opportunity to demonstrate how we conduct our business with integrity and continue to make a positive contribution to the nation. We are coming up with a new manufacturing plant in Barishal on a land of over 100 acres, with state of the art technology, combined with modern facilities which will comply with USFDA, UK-MHRA and TGA requirements. We want to thank our employees, associates, stakeholders and all other well-wishers for their continuous support through the journey of OSL Pharma Limited.