The Product Management Department (PMD) of OSL Pharma Limited has a significant role in transparent business operation based on knowledge-base marketing within the legal and social framework. Dealing with new product development, business justification, planning, verification, forecasting, pricing, product launch and marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product lifecycle are mastered by PMD. We are deeply committed to meet the needs of our customers and we constantly focus on both in-house & end customer satisfaction. We believe that, a successful company must work together as a team to meet the changing needs of customers. PMD always focuses on diversified thinking, innovative plan and knowledge-base product promotion to accomplish company objectives as well as the mission of the company.

Apart from a well-trained sales force and a very effective Product Management Department in good shape, OSL Pharma always takes the opportunities to improve the scientific knowledge of the doctor community and other stakeholders through functions of our Medical Services Department. Through attending Doctor’s Query, arranging Scientific Seminars and Clinical Meetings, publishing Medical Newsletters and Supplementaries, providing books and International Journals, doctors are obtaining first-class academic services besides their regular practice.

We ensure the availability of products to each and every customer as per their demand and deliver the products in time, at the right place and in good condition in a cost-effective way and also deposit the sales proceeds to the bank at the earliest. We always try to build a good relationship with the customer to enhance our sales. We have been working with that mission to bring cost effectiveness in every stage of our operation, ensuring utmost service to both internal and external customers. We operate our services from 34 well-organized depots with a well-decorated central warehouse to nationwide customers. Our strength include 918 well trained distribution assistants, 423 trained drivers, 423 delivery vans with refrigerator (using environment-friendly fuel) and 429 packers. We preserve our Cool Chain (temperature sensitive) products between 8° to 30° C temperature at our depot end and also deliver our customer by using thermal box to maintain product quality. We ensure Environment, Health and safety (EHS) aspects in every stage of our service and encourage our associates to care for each other’s well-being in all aspects of their lives.

OSL Pharma Limited develops, manufactures, markets generic medicines for human use to the national healthcare sector largely, and strengthen its global presence with the motto of quality medicines at affordable price. Our value-added products improve the quality of life of people in domestic market as well as abroad and help them enjoy longer, healthier, and more productive lives. With the aim to adopt with global reach of medicines, the company started its export operation from 1987.  Now it has explored export operations in different countries of different continents: Asia, Africa, Middle East, CIS Countries, Central America, Oceania, etc.

The Human Resources Department of OSL Pharma Limited has a significant role in developing and maintaining the effective workforce needed to accomplish departmental objectives as well as the mission of the company. The overall goal of the Human Resources Department is to assist in deploying an effective, diversified and highly functioning workforce. This goal is accomplished through Policy Development, Implementation, Evaluation, Strategic Human Capital Planning, System Modernization and Career Management.

Training is a learning experience in that it seeks a positive change in an individual that will improve his or her ability to perform on the job. We say training can involve in the developing of skills, knowledge and social behavior. It may mean changing what employees know, how they work, their attitude towards their work as well as their interactions with co-workers and supervisors. OSL Pharma Limited is highly optimistic and determined to develop their people to the professional level. Training department of OSL Pharma Limited is wholeheartedly dedicated to recruit the right personnel, to train and develop, evaluate their performance and finally propose them as member of the organization. We strictly maintain formal employee training methods- both Off-the-Job and On-the-Job training. Training department is highly committed to make their employees skilled and competent to win in the competitive Pharma market of Bangladesh.

Aligned with global contemporary marketing dynamics in pharmaceutical industries, OSL is making extensive use of Information Technology (IT) to enhance working productivity. OSL Pharma Limited is enjoying a razor-sharp competitive edge over its competitors by implementing Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and similar time-demanded concepts and methodologies. With the help of integrated software application along with advanced hardware infrastructure, OSL Pharma Limited has been able to comply systematically with cGMP, local regulatory requirements and other standards which are the pre-requisites of any state-of-the-art pharmaceutical product manufacturer. All the business functions are seamlessly integrated and looked over by highly competent IT professionals who are tackling the challenges of today and keen to fulfill the business needs of tomorrow.

OSL Pharma’s financial activities are integrated and automated through accounting software for balance sheet preparation, payroll process, treasury management, product costing and inventory management by the supervision of professional accountants. Financial Statements are prepared on historical cost convention in a going-concern concept on accrual basis in accordance with latest BAS, BFRS, IAS, IFRS and local applicable laws. To protect the interest of shareholders, stakeholders and other related groups, OSL Pharma Limited Finance has implemented a well-designed internal control system. We comply with all the requirements of government authorities and maintain relationships with Financial Institutes. We respect our internal and external customers, offering them our products and effective services at all times.

Acquisition of materials, services and equipments in the right quantity, quality, price and time from home and abroad on a perpetual basis is the ultimate goal of us. This is imperative not only for ensuring planned operations of the organization but also for ensuring the satisfaction of stakeholders including internal and external customers.

Our Quality Assurance Department (QA) is a highly qualified and experienced team who are working hard to provide the best quality products in the market. From the raw material to the finished product as well as post marketing feedback, they are here to ensure the quality of the materials and also processes. To make this huge workload possible we have segmented the Quality Assurance into Quality control, Quality surveillance, Validation, In-Process-Control (IPC), Microbiology, Product Stability study sections and those are strictly following the cGMP guideline to meet the international regulatory standards like US-FDA, UK-MHRA, TGA-Australia, EDQM etc.

Our highly marketing sophisticated network ensures a strong representation around the country. Our business plans are carried out which are developed in accordance with corporate and market objectives. We have a well-experienced sales team who are the driving force behind the company’s progress. We recognize it is our people’s resolute efforts that have driven us to a greater height over the years. We emphasize on enhancing capacity, strengthening skills, and enabling their success, both individually and collectively. Among the various marketing activities, we organize training, seminars & conferences concerning medical issues, new product launching and sales techniques. Through these activities, we develop a close rapport among the lead Physicians and Healthcare Providers to provide excellence in professional service.